Five important steps when choosing your wedding photographer.

Choosing your wedding photographer is a very important part of your wedding preparation. The photographer you choose will be entrusted with capturing some of the most important moments of your lives. The photographs produced by this photographer will be with you forever and help you remember your biggest day. So, it is important that you find the right photographer.

Consider the following steps when looking for your wedding photographer:

1 - Research.
Research your local photographers and look through their portfolios. It can get tiresome but by looking at multiple photographers you will get a clearer idea of what is available to you.

2 - Style.
Once you have researched a number of local photographers and looked through their portfolios you will have seen a number of different styles of wedding photography. Choose a style that best suits you as a couple and then group together the photographers that have a style that speaks to you and then you are ready to make enquiries.

3 - Don't be backward about coming forward.
Now you have a list of potential wedding photographers each of whom has a style that you feel will best tell your wedding story it is time to contact them. This can be a little daunting but it really doesn't have to be. These people are photographers because they enjoy their work and love interacting with people. You will almost certainly find that they are easy to talk to and eager to help you... And lets face it, if they're not then you don't want them at your wedding anyway :)

4 - Meet your potential photographer.
Meeting the person that you are trusting to capture your memories is very important. If you can get on with the photographer on a personal level and you can see that they care about your photographs then having that camera pointed at you on the big day will not seem a big deal and you will enjoy the process much more.

5 - Enjoy yourself.
On the big day you can now relax knowing that you have selected a friendly photographer who cares about your memories and is passionate about capturing your big day in a style that truly speaks to you as a couple. Enjoy the day safe in the knowledge that the photographer is there for you and will create photographs that will spark your memories and emotions of that big day for years to come.