Capture the Moment to Create a Memory

Capture the Moment to Create a Memory...

I truly believe this statement and it is how I approach photographing all my weddings. The group photos and a little portrait session on the day can be good fun and will result in some wonderful photos for the happy couple and their guests to enjoy. However, the photographs that the couple will cherish because of the emotions and memories they evoke will be the ones that were captured without them even realising they were being taken. These photographs are the 'moments between moments' when something as subtle as a certain look in their eye told the whole story. These moments are fleeting but if captured they will help the couple remember their big day for a lifetime. This is why choosing the right wedding photographer is so important. With this in mind I have put together a few tips to consider when looking for a wedding photographer, I hope they are helpful.

Five important steps when choosing your wedding photographer.

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