Take a moment on your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is full of happiness, excitement and wonderful memories. However, it can also be a stressful time and can go by so fast that you may struggle to remember what happened.

Once the ceremony is over and the guests are sipping on a glass of bubbles I tend to whisk my couples off for half an hour to take a few portrait shots. This is usually the first time the couple have been alone since becoming a married couple so I encourage them to use this time away from family and friends to relax, take a deep breath and think about the day so far. This approach has two valuable outcomes. Firstly, the couple have a chance to stop and think about everything so far and hopefully de-stress and thus help them to remember the day more clearly. The second outcome is that the couple has a chance to relax and just enjoy those first few moments of being married. This allows me to capture natural and more emotionally charged photos of the couple. They can then return to their family and friends with a renewed energy.

Always take time during your big day to sneak off away from the crowds to enjoy a little time together. It will refresh you both and help to cement the days events into your memory. If you can take your photographer along with you they may even end up capturing some of the best pictures of the day.