My Best Friend's Wedding - Wedding Photography

I recently had the absolute honour of being best-man for my best friends wedding. He and his wife to be had decided on a destination wedding in Malta, which was utterly beautiful. However, on their return to the UK the had what was effectively a second wedding so that all of their friends and family who could not make the trip abroad could celebrate with them. The second wedding gave us the opportunity to have a little bridal shoot in a slightly less pressured environment. So, me and the happy couple took a little trip to a local beach and had an amazingly fun time and got some amazing images that they are over the moon with.

This experience got me thinking... The images captured on the day are obviously unique and help to tell the all important story. However, what if we take a little time on a day after the big day, the couple get dressed up again and we go on a little trip to a location that means something to them. We would then have an opportunity to take some relaxed and fun bride and groom portraits without the pressures of the wedding day. It would also allow the couple to prolong that wedding feeling.