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Winter Wedding Tips

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

1. Light
When you're planning your beautiful winter wedding in July it is very easy to forget how early it will be when it gets dark. On an overcast day in the middle of winter it is possible that it will be dark by 3:30pm. It is worth bearing this in mind when you are discussing your timetable with the church or venue especially if you are hoping to have wedding group photos or bridal portraits outside.

2. Group Photos
Group photos usually take place outside, especially if they are big groups. I usually suggest no more than 10 group photos at any wedding so that the couple and their guests get to enjoy as much of the day as possible. At a winter wedding I feel it is even more important to limit the number of group photos, not just because of the time constraints the fading light will have but also because the more group photos you have the longer you'll be outside where both you and your guests will be getting very cold.

3. Clothing
Frost on the ground and mist in the air really make for some beautiful backdrops for bride and groom portraits. However, to get these beautiful images time is needed outside in the cold air. As beautiful as wedding dresses are they are not famous for being very warm. I would always recommend a bride consider adding in a wrap or warm bolero to theirs and their bridesmaids outfits so that time outside can be more comfortable. This will make the group photos and the portrait session much more enjoyable and thus give better results.

4. Footware
Outside on a winters day can be beautiful and a photographers dream. In order to take full advantage of your venue and get some truly show stopping photos it may mean walking across grassy areas. The ground may be a bit wet or even a little muddy. Rather than getting your heals stuck in the wet ground it may be worth having a pair of trainers or wellies handy.

5. Getting the sparkle back
Nothing will get the sparkle back in the eyes of a guest that has gotten a little cold standing for group photos than to have a warm drink such as a glass of mulled wine or a warm canapé waiting for them as then return inside.