Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding Photography Styles

Traditional | Fine Art | Reportage | Editorial

If you have recently become engaged and started looking for your wedding photographer you may have already had that tearing your hair out moment. There are so many considerations when choosing the person responsible for capturing one of the biggest days of your lives. One of these considerations is which style of photography should you choose.

There are a number of different styles ranging from the traditional posed portraits and group photos (as above... with a slight bit of fun injected) to documentary or reportage photography that captures the day as it unfolds with the aim of catching real moments and emotions.

There is also the fine art style that hopes to produce singular works of art for your walls, with scenes that are delicately created.

The editorial style of photography creates stylised scenes and poses that would perfectly at home on the cover of your favourite bridal magazine.

When you are wading through the multitude of wedding photography websites searching for your wedding photographer it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer. The most important thing is that you find the right photographer for you. It doesn't matter what the name of their style is just as long as they can capture your day in the way that speaks to you as a couple.

My personal style of wedding photography is a hybrid of reportage/documentary and editorial. I feel this allows me to capture the story of the day and show the natural emotions and candid expressions but also produce those singular stunning images that will have your family and friends in awe.