Wedding Dogs | A Wedding Photographer's Dream

Dog at your Wedding

As a dog owner and animal lover I am always excited when my couples say they are planning on including their four legged friends in their wedding day. They offer an extra cuteness level, a playful bit of entertainment and some amazing photo opportunities. Dogs are a part of the family and if it's possible to have them involved in the big day it can be wonderful. However, having said this it is important to give the logistics of this clear thought. If your dog is particularly excitable, nervous or elderly then it may be a stressful situation for both the animal and the couple. It is important that adequate provisions are made for your four legged friend at the wedding. It is always worth considering assigning someone to be on dog duty so that you don't have any additional worry. They can also be in charge of food/water and 'the bathroom breaks'. Some of my couples have arranged for their dog to be present for the ceremony and some photos and then had a dog sitter collect them before the festivities begin.

With adequate planning it is more that possible to include this precious member of your family into your big day either as a ring barer, chief bridesmaid or even just to have them present to witness your union.