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Wedding Photography Moments and Emotion

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A wedding day is full of emotion and once in a lifetime moments. The loving look given by a parent to their child, a groom’s first look at his bride in her wedding dress, the laughs and looks of embarrassment at the Best-man’s speech, that first kiss as a married couple.

These are all truly wonderful moments that once captured can live on forever. In the whirl wind that is a wedding day these moments could so easily be forgotten and lost. This is why I love photography and I love my job.

I really enjoy building and setting up a beautiful portrait with an epic backdrop. However, I am most proud of the spontaneous moments and real emotions that I manage to catch on the big day. These are the moments that can mean the world to my clients in years to come.

I believe wedding photography is a wonderful and timeless way of documenting one of the biggest days of your life.

The wedding photography I offer is a hybrid of documentary and editorial. What I mean by this is that 80% of what I do on the wedding day is discreetly capture real moments and document the day so that my couples and their families can look back and remember this special day.

The other 20% of what I do are those epic bridal portraits with my couples that would be at home on the pages of any of those wedding magazines that they have been pawing over for the past 18 months. I achieve this by taking my couples off for approximately 30 mins to take maximum advantage of their wedding venue. We go for a relaxed walk capture the images that their friends, family and social media will go nuts for.

My relaxed and discreet approach has enabled me to capture some utterly wonderful and natural moments that I am incredibly proud of.

The thought that my couples and their families… Some of whom may not even be born yet, will get to enjoy these moments I’ve captured for many years to come is why I do this job.

Please take a moment to have a look at some more memories I have captured.

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