Bridal Portraits on your Wedding Day

Making Time for These Once in a Lifetime Wedding Photos

Your wedding day can go by in a flash and sometimes feel like it's jam packed. However, it is important to take a little time out during the day to spend a little time together away from the crowd and also get some wonderful show stopping portraits to hang on your wall and show off to all your family and friends.

The way I structure my wedding photography is to capture 90% of the day in a documentary or candid style with as little impact or interruption to the day as possible. The remaining 10% of the wedding photography is capturing some more editorial portraits to add something extra special to the collection. I typically take my couples for a little walk for two 30 minute sessions during their day. We take advantage of the local environment and venue across two different times of day to get a diverse collection of images to help tell the story of the day. These portrait sessions are relaxed and predominantly consist of going for a walk and capturing predominantly natural interactions along with some minimally posed photos. These sessions also giving the couple a little time to themselves to take a breath and take in the day so far. Allowing for these two short sessions in the day will enable me as the wedding photographer to capture images like these below.