Fleeting moment but BIG story - Wedding Photography

Of course it is important to capture those classic moments like the father's first look at his daughter in her dress or the groom's face as his bride walks down the isle but it is often the small unplanned moments that are over in a matter of milliseconds that tell the best stories. As the wedding photographer it is important to always be alert and to keep a close eye on all that is going on around you. Only by being a dedicated eye for the days events can you hope to capture those fleeting moments.

Here you can see our bride engaging in conversation with family and friends whilst in the background outside of this conversation we capture our groom shooting a loving and thoughtful look at his new wife. This images gives a beautiful view of a grooms love for his bride. Although this picture gives a rich story the scene only existed for a fraction of a second. These moments are priceless and go a long way to telling the story of a couples special day. It is the wedding photographers job to capture these moments and share them with the happy couple.